The Rainy Season is Coming Soon !

Unfortunately this week we are going to have rainy and unpleasant weather every day. For the students this can be tough because they don’t have the opportunity to play outside.

Without the opportunity to be out in the fresh air and use some of their excess energy students can find it hard to concentrate especially in the afternoon. In order to reduce the negative impact at Gotanda school we try and create a fun environment inside the classroom that lets students use some of that energy.

In addition to regular inside activities like puzzles, Lego and toys we also like to do games that lets the students move around and practice their English skills.

Games like ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ and ‘Simon Says’ are great ways for the students to burn off that excess energy and also practice their listening.

In addition we are also providing the students with an opportunity to dance and move around with games like freeze dancing or musical chairs.

The rainy season can be a hard time for younger kids at school. At English Pocket Gotanda we do our best to make it as fun as we possibly can for both the sake of our students and to make it as educational as possible.