Christmas Birthday Party!

Birthday celebrations are a regular part of our year at Gotanda PAP but only once a year do we get a Christmas Birthday Party.



December is a month of celebration in many Western countries and some unlucky people might have their birthdays forgotten. At Gotanda school we make sure that even the people with end of year birthday’s feel like they have a celebration.


For our Fun Fun activity today we had 2 different tasks. The first game was pass the parcel. Students take off 1 layer of a present each time until they get a special prize. The final layer was a present that one lucky student was able to take home.








In the afternoon we also had a great time making small gingerbread houses. The students were able to assemble and decorate them. Please enjoy eating them at home.



A very happy birthday to Yushin! The only student this month with a birthday. Have a great December everybody.



Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda