Line Friends Fun Fun

For our fun fun birthday today at Gotanda school we celebrated by learning about one of the Line friends, James.



Every month at Gotanda School we celebrate student birthdays. This month we wish a big Happy Birthday to our two friends!



Today for our activity we did a whole lot of fun things!

In the morning we made some James masks. James is a character from Line friends who is very handsome. He loves his long hair and posing. You may have even seen him in your Line.

After the students made masks we took some funny pictures in different poses. The students chose the pose they wanted to do.



In the afternoon we played different games.



We even used some yellow paper to make James’s hair. The students had so much fun wearing it.



We hope everyone had a lot of fun today. We would like to say one more happy birthday to the birthday friends! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda