A Colorful World

Today at Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda We continue to create wonderful art with the students. Every month at Gotanda we study a new art subject. This month we will explore the idea that art can change how we see the world.


For today’s art we used cellophane to create beautiful stained glass windows in our classroom.

The students helped to choose where each piece of stained glass was being placed. They also helped to decorate the outside with lines of tape. This created the effect of stained glass windows in our classroom.

The students had a lot of fun and some of them talked about how they have seen glass like that before. It really makes our classroom look wonderful and colorful. We can’t wait to see what the classroom look like tomorrow when it’s beautiful and sunny. We are sure that the classroom will be so much more interesting.

Thank you for reading we hope you can have a look at our new classroom soon during our September art show.

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda