Searching for Pirate Treasure!

To end our Unit on Pirates in Social Studies class, the students at Prime Academic Preschool went on a hunt for Pirate Treasure!

Everyone got their telescopes and their pirate thinking hats on because they discovered that the clues were not so simple… they had to solve it using the Secret Pirate Code!



They worked together as they tried to figure out the message.



“We got it!”

“It says to look for the ghost!”



“Oh! It’s another clue!” they said as they found another clue by the ghost.

One clue led to another, so they got together again to solve the next clue.

“This one says to look under the table!”



This clue led to another clue yet again… and again, and again! The clues led them to various places around the school and everyone got very excited as we solved each one using the Secret Pirate Code.



When they finally got to the Pirate Treasure, they were all so ecstatic!



It was an adventurous day with lots of pirate fun!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda