Chef – Studying the Kitchen

This month for our monthly theme Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda has been studying jobs. This week we continued the study by learning about being a chef.



Step 1 was of course dressing for the job. We all put on our chef hats and chef shirts to practice preparing delicious foods!



Food is one of the most universal subjects of discussion in the world. It’s a great thing to learn to have a conversation about. Food brings people together and can create happy and exciting memories.



We also learned about foods from around the world. As part of todays activity we looked at cooking from several different countries. We discussed if students had seen or eaten any of the foods before and we also spoke about if they have ever cooked any of those foods at home.



Everyone did a great job at school today. They worked hard during the lesson, discussed ideas with each other and always tried their best to participate in the class. Well done everyone!



Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda