Flying High!

This month we have been learning about many kinds of jobs. We have discussed presidents and prime ministers, actors and actresses and even chefs! Today we began learning about being a pilot.



The role of a pilot is essential for different countries around the world. They provide freight, medical services and travel to many places that need assistance. They are far more than just a job that takes people on vacation.


Today students were able to discuss with their friends and teachers some of the many important things that pilots do on a day to day basis. How they need to look after and check their own aircraft and how they plan their flights.



After our discussion we then took turns being a pilot in our cardboard plane made by the lovely Christine. Students took the role of pilot or passenger and traveled to different places around the world.


It was a very engaging lesson that students really enjoyed being a part of. We hope we have inspired some students to try and become a pilot in the future!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda