Australia Day

Australia Day is celebrated on January 26th every year in Australia.



For today’s Fun Fun Friday activity we decided to learn a little more about Australia and some of the unique Australian English language.



At English Pocket we have people from many different countries around the world to teach our students. This helps students receive a broader English education and it also allows them to have an understanding of different accents and local speech.

Today we learned about some of the different words and phrases that are only used in Australia.



We also talked about some animals lived in Australia and had Kangaroo pouch race where we hopped holding a pouch on our tummies.



We tried to eat a staple Australian food, Vegimite! This Australian snack spread is extremely salty and often disliked by people around the world. Many Japanese people compare the flavor to miso.



In the afternoon we learned about the didgeridoo and watched a video of it being played. The students then took turns holding a real one.



Today’s activities were both fun and educational. Students engaged well with the content and broadened their views of the English language.


Well done everyone!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda