Violin for K3

As part of their music education at Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda K3 students begin to learn violin during their music classes.



Beginning from last week attending K3 students have begun to learn how to properly care for their violins. This includes things like how to properly pack and unpack their instrument, waxing the string and the correct way to hold the instrument.



They have also began to learn the basics of playing the instrument like how to love the bow,  how to wait on a beat and how to play each string individually.



The students have started out the year with a great enthusiasm for the music classes and Mr. Takuya, the violin teacher, has done a fantastic job of introducing the kids to something new that they can enjoy.



We hope to bring you a lot of beautiful music this year and maybe help introduce your child to something they will love for life.


Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda