The Science of Exercise

As part of our studies here at Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda we learn about science every week. The week’s topic is decided by our monthly science curriculum. This month’s topic has been health.

This week we began to learn about the science of exercise. Why is it good for our body to do exercise? Which parts of our body does it affect the most and why does exercise make us more healthy? These are all questions we tried to find answers to today.

We started the lesson by learning about the parts of our body that we would use the most when exercising- the heart, lungs and muscles.

When then explored what kind of jobs they have and why them being healthy is important for our bodies.

Finally we did some practical exercise. We stretched and ran around to get some good exercise for the day. We discussed how our hearts beat faster and we had to breathe more after working hard.

Today was a great lesson which really helped the children understand the importance of keep our bodies healthy.

Well done everyone!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda