Earth Day Fun!

Today we celebrated Earth Day. Students learned all about what the Earth provides to us and some of the problems humans have caused. We also learned about some of the things we can do to help the Earth!



We started our day with a fire drill. It was a good opportunity to learn about some of the dangers that happen if we are not conscious of what human’s action do to the Earth. Students all practiced crawling to the emergency exit and leaving through the fire escape. We try and do an emergency drill at least once per month.

When we returned to the classroom we discussed forest fires, their causes and what kind of impact they have on the world.



In the afternoon we created a very cute earth diorama. We wrote some of the things we love about our world.



The students really enjoyed the activity. They were engaged with the content and worked really hard to create the best dioramas they could.


Overall the students did a fantastic job today. They worked hard, learned and participated as well as they could.



I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and we can’t wait to see you on Monday.


Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda