Stick and Move with Ben

Today, we were in a very sporty mood. The kids were full of energy and needed some way to use it all to the best of their abilities. Many of our kids love to play all know that nds of games and some enjoy sports.

Luckily, we had a visitor coming to teach them a little ones about how to box! Ben came to visit the little ones and show them the ropes on how to stand properly when boxing, as well as how to throw your punches and protect your face .

We had one of the students volunteer to wear the boxing gloves. They might have been a little too big for them, but they did their best with what they had. All the preschoolers wanted to take a turn at hitting the inflatable punching bag and had a lot of fun hitting it, even if some of them missed it a few times!

They all thanked Ben for the lesson and are hoping to be able to try again soon!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda