Sandpaper Art

The students at Prime Academic Preschool did Art this morning.

They started by feeling the texture of sandpaper using their fingertips.



”It feels bumpy!”

”It feels rough!”

They were all so quick to describe what they felt after our Unit on the Sense of Touch in Science last month.

Next, they used oil pastels to color directly onto the sandpaper.



They could feel the coarse texture of the sandpaper as they colored.



This student noticed that it even made a scratchy sound!



They used different colors, making bigger circles as they did.



They continued until they covered the entire sheet.



We cut them into star shapes and then folded each arm of the star in half lengthwise.

Can you guess what we made?



Sea stars!


Our sandpaper art project was such a fun way to explore texture and work that into our art time.

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda