Science – Colored Flowers

This month all of k1, 2 and 3 have been learning about plants and growth in science. We have been planting different things and watching them grow.

This week we tried something new, making colored flowers!

At the start of the week we learned about the different parts of a plant, we learned how the roots are responsible for collecting water, how the stem moves them up the plant and the leaves create food for the plant to eat.

This weekend experiment was adding different colored food coloring to water and letting the flowers absorb it to see what happens. We have been keeping careful watch of the plants since Tuesday.

Each flower is attracting to take on a special color. We even have a flower taking colors from 3 different sources!

It has been really interesting to watch and the students have been asking to look at our experiment every day. It’s great to see the students so passionate about learning something in science!