Science Class

Today, students in K1,2 and 3 at Gotanda school had our science class.

Science class is so important for a child’s education. It encourages exploration and helps them to understand our place in the world. It allows students to discover their own interests and paths they might wish to pursue later in life.

How can a child know they want to be a marine biologist if they never learned about ocean life? How can they know if they want to protect the environment if they never knew about recycling and how can a child know they want to be a machinist if they’ve never learned how a machine works?

For K3 today we continued our lesson on magnets. We learned how magnetic force flows through magnets. How we can use magnets to find things and how magnets can make more magnets.

Using a bowl of rice and paper clips we explored how strong our magnets were and we had a lot of fun trying to find all the meta in the bowl. We also made a huge mess when the teacher spilled the rice everywhere!

All of our K3 students today really enjoyed their lesson. They had a great time trying to make long chains of magnetized paper clips and asked many great questions.

Thank you all for trying you best and good luck in all your scientific studies!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda