A Fairytale Remix

For this month, we have been learning about different classic fairytales such a as: The Emperor’s New Clothes; Cinderella; Jack and the Beanstalk; and The Three Little Pigs.


For our final class on this topic, we had a class discussion to review what we could remember about the four different fairytales. Some students did an amazing job remembering and retelling the different tales.


After that, we discussed three important parts of a story: characters (to tell us who), events (to tell us what happens, and setting (to tell us where the story takes place). We had great fun learning about these. We decided to take different parts of the fairytales and mix them all up to make a new story of our own! One of the new stories we talked about was Cinderella climbing up the beanstalk and losing her glass slipper while the Big Bad Wolf tries to blow the beanstalk down!



Next, we brought these stories to life! We became the fairytale characters and acted out the different stories with our friends. It was very fun and filled with a lot of laughter. We also had some very dramatic acting from some people as well.



Well done everyone! Great effort and energy today!


Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda