Mother’s Day!

At Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda we try our hardest to celebrate special days from all over the world. This Friday we celebrated a very special day! Mother’s Day.



Mother’s work hard. They take care of us every day. Our students wanted to do something special for their mothers to say thank you for all of their hard work.



Today during PAP we made some beautiful mugs for our mothers. We used markers to make a base layer then we stamped them with some cute hearts cut from sponges. Finally we covered those hearts in glitter to make a wonderful gift for all our Moms.



The students really enjoyed the activity. They took the time to think of things their mother liked so they could make a personal gift for someone they loved. They drew their mom’s favorite foods, favorite color flowers and other things they like.



We hope our mothers like their special gifts. Our students worked so hard to prepare them for you today.



Have a fantastic weekend everyone.


Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda