To a Chipper Father’s Day

June is the month where Father’s Day takes place, so many of your students have been thinking hard about what kinds of things to make for their daddies this year. This time, we made a gift that is quite tasteful.

We made potato chips! Well, not really. We took construction paper and designed them to make them look like a bag with potato chips inside!

We first took some markers and wrote names that we like to call our dads on red wavy paper to apply on yellow circular paper. Next, we glued them to the construction paper of a color the students chose.

We connected them and glued them together to make the bag and then took oval shaped pieces and wrote nice messages to our father’s designed to look like potato chips. They really enjoyed the activity.

We hope everyone enjoys the weekend and that all. The fathers out there felt appreciated. Have a great weekend!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda