Fun on a Fish Friday!

We had a great time today at PAP Gotanda. We got to celebrate 5 birthdays today and they were in good spirits when we sang to them the birthday song.

We got have a very fun afternoon as we spent some time making our own paper fish! In some cultures, many will catch and eat fish on Friday, so we wanted to make some that we can design and play with.

Some saw the model that was provided and wanted to copy it the best they could. Others wanted to get as creative as possible, so they mixed all kinds of colors.

After we made our fish, we had a little fun having our own fishing contest. We took a look at all the fish and other neat items and set some points for each item we got to look at. We missed out on “Go Fishing Day” with it being on a Sunday, so we hosted one in the classroom for everyone to participate in. They had a great time catching their prizes and showing them to everybody. Some got excited for their catch!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda