Phonics Study at PAP

Phonics study is an essential part of our PAP program. Today is the second day of the week of our phonics studies this week. Students in all classes reviewed their vocabulary words, key sentences, and sight words.



In each class, we encourage students to make sentences using the sight words during our class discussions. After this, we worked together as a group to complete our textbook pages. The textbook work is always aligned with the vocabulary that students learn each week.



Students in the older phonics class learned to identify causes and effects in sentences or stories they read. To practice their vocabulary, they completed a crossword to demonstrate their understand of vocabulary words they learned.



Another essential part of our phonics program is our decodable book. We practiced these books in each phonics class and worked on pronunciation and decoding difficult words.



Each day, all the students at PAP Gotanda try their very best and are making good progress. Keep up the good work team, Gotanda!


Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda

– Tuli