LEGO Glasses

This month, the students at Prime Academic Preschool have been using Lego blocks as a learning tool in Social Studies. Today, we finished off our Lego-filled month by building our very own unique pair of glasses using Lego.

”Lego glasses?” The children were so excited about the idea and tried them on right away.





They got even more excited when they found out they could attach Lego pieces on them to build their own pair of glasses!





They all started with a basic kit of Lego parts and they could build their glasses any way they liked.





Furthermore, they were presented with a selection of other Lego pieces to make their glasses more unique and special.





Hmm… these are interesting pieces…





… a tree, a bat, and a spider, too?!





Everyone had a lot of fun building their glasses.





We ended up with many pairs of cool Lego glasses!




Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda