Pantomime Show

We had a very special surprise event for our students at Prime Academic Preschool today.

The students gathered at the gym and waited in excitement. When the performer entered the gym, the students were instantly curious and their eyes were glued to him.

The performer did various acts as the students watched in awe.




His performance was so comical and the students were laughing the entire time.





The students were still talking about the Pantomime Show back in the classroom.

”It was SO funny!”

”The man was a bee and he made a flower with a balloon!”

”He was really good. I want to see it again!”

The “bee” man was a hit with our students and his performance really tied in with our Unit on Circus and Entertainment this month. Some were even trying out the pantomime and showing the teachers and friends. Thank you for the amazing performance, Mr Bee!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda