PAP Adventure: The Camping Experience

After many weeks of anticipation, our brave K3 students were ready for their thrilling excursion to Yokohama for our overnight camping trip!

The brave kids all waved goodbye to their parents as they came unto class, ready to board the buses to take them on a once in a lifetime trip they will not soon forget.

We played all kinds of games and shared things about ourselves with students from our Ebisu, Kamikatazawa, and Ogikubo schools and we had a nice, long hike learning all kinds of things about wildlife.

They had themselves a hearty lunch provided by their parents and continued on our quest to find mantis and spider egg sacs.

We finally came across some and were very careful to watch with concern for the animals and plants that inhabit the area.

We also got to stop by a visitor center to learn about everything that lives there and take a picture with cute cuddly animals.

After a tiring walk, we made our way back to our living quarters; where we showered, ate our dinner, and prepared for bed. It took some time for our little ones to finally get some rest.

The next day was sadly cut short outside due to rain, but that didn’t stop us from reviewing what we learned the day before. As sharp as ever, they were ready for the task at hand.

They sure were excited to tell everyone about their trip when they returned. We had a blast! Enjoy the weekend everyone!


Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda