It’s My Favorite Shoe!

This month at Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda we have a theme for all of our projects. We have been making art of our favorite things. Last time we created our favorite winter birds and today we made a portait of something we use every day; our shoes!

Shoes are very special because not only are they nice but they also protect us from injury.

Today students attempted to draw their outdoor shoes by using them as a model. They were allowed to choose which side they wanted to draw but we also told them that they should include all the dirty and broken parts too. After all, every mark on a shoe is a mark saved from our feet.

It was explained to the students that we need to try and show details. Everyone was to do a grey pencil sketch first.

The students did a great job recreating their shoes on paper and they really enjoyed the exercise. It was a fun activity for everyone!

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Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda,