A Happy Fall Harvest Birthday

Fall has finally come! While it still feels very hot outside, we don’t let that stop the fun inside. After all, we still had a birthday to celebrate with all the kids who came!

The little ones got to spend time in the morning riding around on a tractor, searching for all kinds of vegetables they can find on the farm.

The older students found it fun to have a game of musical chairs listening to some fun tunes. The hats came off quickly just so they didn’t get in the way.

We so had a sack race down the hall as all their classmates watched and cheered from a distance. Go Go!

They also got into some line dancing in the afternoon. They never danced like this before, but had a fun time learning.

Now, that the produce made their way to the market, they can all go home happy for a hard day’s work. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda