Turkey Time and Thanks

In America, we observe Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November and we happened to have the day off this year due to the Japanese holiday. So, it gave us an opportunity to be more thankful and to be ready to show the kids how they themselves can be thankful if they ever make their own trip to the United States for their holiday.

We got into the spirit this morning talking about the things that we are thankful for every day in our lives, like our friends, family, a home, our toys, and of course, food.

The students got to go around the table to see what a Thanksgiving dinner looks like in America and look at the cornicopia of food that is consumed on that day. We got to try some Thanksgiving chicken during our lunch time and we later played some games in the afternoon. 

We had a turkey stuffing toss where we got to throw balls into a paper turkey and later tossed around a football keeping away from our young turkeys in the center. We had a blast! Thank you for having your wonderful kids with us and have a great weekend!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda