Fluttering Surprise!

The Prime Academic Preschool studied Social Studies today. We are starting a new Unit on… well, umm… we’ll get to that in a moment!

First, the teacher had an interesting book to show the students.

”Take a look inside!”

The students turned the pages…






Something flew out of the book.



“What is that?!”



“It’s a butterfly!” he said as he picked it up, and they all laughed at what had just happened!

So what is our new Unit about you ask? “Common Pranks”!!

We talked about some pranks that we could play on our friends to make them laugh. This student explained how he would surprise his friends and demonstrated how they would react!


We completed a worksheet about pranks.



As we went through the worksheet, the students were starting to come up with their own ideas. ”I’m going to hide under the table!” she said. She wanted to pop out of the table when someone comes into the room and then surprise them!



Their minds were filled with ideas and they were still talking about pranks at the end of the class. They were so eager to share their ideas with the class!


Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda