Northern Lights and Winter Animals

Today for science with the K1 class we learned about the Northern Lights. They are green, blue, pink, and purple lights that dance in the sky at night.



We used watercolor paints to create our own Northern Lights in our classroom. We can see the Northern Lights in the North. In countries like Canada, Russia, Sweden, and Norway. We found them on our globe.



We learned about the different animals that live in cold places up North. Some animals that live in the snow are polar bears, Arctic foxes, white rabbits, wolves, and penguins. Today we made a penguin craft for our Northern Lights night sky.



We added some winter hats, scarfs, and mittens to keep our penguins warm in the cold winter weather.



Everyone did such a great job! It was fun to be creative while learning science. All your Northern Lights and penguins are so unique and beautiful!



Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda,