A Peek into Our Eye-Citing

Hello, dear parents! Today in our class , we embarked on a journey of exploration and discovery, focusing on our own eyes. Let’s dive right into our eye-opening activities!



Firstly, we tried a range of eye exercises to understand how our eyes can move in different directions. We also conducted a simple test to determine each child’s dominant eye. Understanding our dominant eye is crucial as it influences how we perceive the world around us.


Our next activity involved learning about a periscope. We talked about its functioning and how it uses mirrors to allow us to see around corners or over obstacles. Each child got a chance to peek through a periscope, observing their surroundings from a new perspective.



Stepping into the shoes of a pirate, we donned eye patches to experience how it feels to rely on just one eye. Playing catch with one eye covered was quite a challenge, but it gave us a first-hand understanding of how important our depth perception is.



The fun didn’t stop there, we also attempted an obstacle course! Navigating through it with an eye patch was no easy feat and taught us the significance of binocular vision in gauging distances.



Lastly, we watched a captivating video about color shades. The children were encouraged to spot the differences in various color shades. It was quite a brain teaser, but it helped highlight the nuances of color perception and our eyes’ ability to distinguish between different hues.


Today’s class was a mix of learning and fun, providing our students with a deeper understanding of their vision. We are looking forward to tomorrow’s class for more exciting discoveries! Remember, every day is a day of learning and fun in K2/K3 Pre-Access class!


Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda