New Year’s Resolutions

For Social Studies, the students at Prime Academic Preschool looked at how the New Year is spent around the world.

First, we looked at Japan. Many people visit the shrine during the new year period. People also eat “osechi” during this period. We learned that each food had a special meaning.



They recognized the “kohaku kamaboko” which has a celebratory, festive meaning – perfect for the New Year! After discussing osechi food and their meanings, we took a look at some ways that the New Year is celebrated elsewhere, like the Rose Parade in the United States, and the Polar Plunge in Canada.



The students were particularly fascinated by the Polar Plunge where brave people jump into the freezing cold water on New Year’s Day in Canada. When we asked them whether they would like to try, many of them were surprisingly very keen!

”I’m not scared of jumping in the cold water!” one student said.

We told them that the water is ICY cold.

”Don’t worry! I’m going to wear two jackets!” said another student.



Another commonly practiced tradition is to make a New Year’s resolution. After discussing our personal goals for the new year, we wrote them on some paper.



One student wanted to be able to ride a bicycle.



This student wrote that he wanted to try cooking in 2024.



This student said that he wanted to try skateboarding, just like his dad.



This student was inspired by our unit on Magic last month and said that she wanted to learn more magic tricks!



The New Year is a great time to set new goals or to start something new.



What is your New Year’s resolution?



Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda