A T-Riffic T-Rex Time!

The kids at PAP are enjoying their time back at the school from their holiday and the week is almost over. Yesterday, we started to learn a little about dinosaurs. We got to learn a little many different kinds of dinosaurs, what they eat, as well as how tall and heavy they are. 

So today, when we suddenly felt a shake and a rattle, it was easy to make a mistake that a Tyrannosaurus Rex was outside ready to eat us! But it was an earthquake drill.

We quickly went under our tables and waited for the shaking and the moving to stop before we quickly and carefully walked outside, covering our heads as we escaped.

They were reminded of how important it is to follow directions for the most safety we can possibly have to ensure survival. Going back to survival, we spent the afternoon learning about a T-Rex skeleton named Sue, the most complete T-Rex skeleton ever found! We answered some questions about Sue and the person who found the skeleton, whose name is also Sue!

Afterwards, we played a game where we they ventured into a dinosaur park for dinosaur eggs trying to run away from their moms and dads. Don’t get caught!

Have a great weekend every one!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda