New Years Wishes

At Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda we try very hard to incorporate interesting events into our curriculum. With the start of the new year we’ve been busy doing so many different and fun activities.


Across many cultures giving gifts and making wishes are a tradition at the start of the year. This evening during our art activity we decided to incorporate that into our work.

For tonight activity we had 2 major parts. The first was having the students write a wish. This wish is something that they want to achieve during the new year. We had simple ideas like “I want to make a new friend” or more complicated ones like “I want to pass my EIKEN exam.”

Students then made their charm. The students made them using colorful paper and string. In some cases students needed quite a bit of help with this but also many students were able to complete it on their own.

Well done everyone! We hope all of your wishes come true this year.

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda,