Spring and Hop Birthday Party

We are almost up to the new school year and all the students are looking forward to moving up to their new grade level.

As that comes, we still want to celebrate the birthdays we have in the last month of this school year. We had a couple to celebrate and we wanted them to feel special.

In the morning, we had some really fun games for them to try. We had a ball toss where they had to bounce the balls in both hoops, a game of hopscotch, and a tunnel crawl obstacle course!

In the afternoon, we continued the festivities. We played a game where we had a pot of gold and where the children had to bring the gold back to their starting position. They had fun going back and forth running around.

I hope that our students who are celebrating a birthday in March to enjoy it and for everyone to have a fantastic weekend!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda