Music Makes the World Go Around!

At Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda we are proud of our morning subject study activities. Every day students do something new and interesting with the hope of developing their interests. We want to inspire the students to do new things and accept new challenges.

On Thursday morning every week our students do music. This can take the form of singing and dancing, playing musical instruments or, even using our bodies to make music.

Music is one of our student’s favorite subjects. The children have always loved to be noisy and this is a creative outlet for that energy that could otherwise be disruptive to classes.

Today at school our K2 and K3 students continued to work on their musical instrument practice. The K3 students have been working on their graduation music. The song features both violins and pianicas.

Our K2 students are currently working on an interesting song called ‘Come With Me’ They have really been enjoying the music and love playing their pianicas during class.

Thank you for checking out our daily Blog.

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda,