Look How Tall We Are!

This morning at Prime Academic Preschool, some students were having a chat in front of a poster.


”Look!” One student was sharing what she discovered to her friend. “A and B are the same.” “A is in Elm [Class] and B is in Oak [Class].” She was pointing out that one friend from the younger class was as tall as one friend from an older class. They are looking at a poster that they had made last week in Social Studies where they are learning all about their classmates.

At the beginning of the class, we did a warm-up activity using a ball of yarn. The students got into a circle and tossed the yarn to one other while sharing and discovering something they have in common. “It’s so fluffy!” this boy said as he caught the ball of yarn from his classmate with a common interest.



“I like blue.” “Same here!” As we played, each person held onto a section of the yarn before passing it on. “It’s like a spider web!” one girl exclaimed excitedly when she noticed what was happening to our yarn. She was right! Through this activity, we had created a physical web of connections among the class which enabled the students to visualize commonalities in a fun and engaging way.



Then, we used this yarn to measure everyone’s height and created a height chart poster with these yarn pieces.



This activity encouraged social interaction and gave students a better understanding of the concept of measurement in a meaning way.




The students made comparisons and identified similarities by ‘reading’ and analyzing the chart while exploring and learning about their classmates. We can’t wait to learn more about our friends in our next Social Studies!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda