Making A Ball Conveyor Belt

As we finish our second week of the new school year, our students are still adapting to new experiences and expectations from their lessons. So, we did a few activities where the students could all work together to accomplish the goal. To start, we took some cardboard and learned how to make a ball run.

We first learned how we should position each piece of the cardboard to ensure that it would continue down the path without it slowing down or going backwards at any section.

Each student looked carefully to see if the ball would make it’s way towards the goal at the end of the line.

They cheered when the first ball made its way to the finish! They wanted to try again, so we sent more balls down the chute.

They did their best to keep the line straight so to not make a mistake as the balls traveled down. Great teamwork! We hope that you all have a great weekend and try at home if you happen to have extra cardboard!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda