Chocolate Poison

Today in Prime Academic Preschool, the students did art. They are learning about colors. They learned  about the three primary colors – red, blue, and yellow. Last week, they discovered that other colors can be made by mixing two primary colors. In today’s activity, they continued to explore this concept.

How can we make orange? “Yellow!” They pointed to yellow right away. Which color do you want to mix it with? They pointed to the red.



Let’s give it a try!



There were oohs and aahs as they mixed… “Orange!”

Now, can you make green?




“Purple?” They looked surprised as they mixed the red and blue… they were expecting green. So next, they tried blue and yellow and they got green! Okay, let’s make another color.

”I know how to make purple!” one boy said proudly.



Color mixing was a fun way to learn about primary and secondary colors. By experimenting with just the three primary colors, they made new discoveries and were sometimes surprised by the unexpected results. Learning through trial and error is a great way to develop skills!

Oh! We actually made another color…



Can you guess the color?



They named the color, “Chocolate Poison”!



Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda