Art as Education

At Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda we value all the work our students do every day. We try and give them as many opportunities as we can to extend their education through different subjects and broaden their experiences.

Art is a subject that many students enjoy and as teachers we like to plan lessons that give the children a chance to use more than one skill at a time! This week’s art was a great opportunity to practice an essential life skill- Hand-eye coordination.

Using scissors is very difficult for young children. It requires them to make small, precise movements and there is always a small risk of destroying their work. The kids were so careful cutting and trimming the fish they were making. They moved slowly and we had only one mistake the entire class. Everyone did an amazing job.

After we cut our fish we decorated them with color penicls. The students were allowed to create patterns and drawings to make their art as beautiful as possible.


At the end of class we had some interesting art peices that we can’t wait for all the parents to see during our first art class of the year. But, more importantly, students had an opportunity to practice something that will benefit them for years to come!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda,