May Day at PAP

Greetings everyone!

We had a fabulous time hosting hat week this year. A lot of students really showed up in their cutest, coolest, and most awesome hats that they could come up with.

Ultimately, what was really important today was giving well wishes to all of those who had birthdays in the month of May. They were so happy to receive presents.

In the morning, we devoted ourselves to the Zumba dancers that we learned last week. They really liked trying to earn the words as they danced, no matter how hard they tried.

In the afternoon, we tried our best making a set of domino’s and allowing them to make a big S. The wind was not in our favor, so it was quite a challenge!

We ended up with a good story told by one of our older students. They always enjoy the opportunity to tell a story to the smaller kids. Good job!

We wish everyone to have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda