Endangered Birds of Hokkaido

The K2 and K3 students learned about two endangered animals today. The Tufted Puffin and the Blakiston Fish Owl. These two species of birds are very low in numbers. There are only 140 Blakiston Fish Owls and 40 Tufted Puffins in Japan.



One group of students made a poster of the Blakiston Fish owl. They are the largest owl species and they live their lives in pairs. They really need big forests to make their home in.



Another group of students made a poster about Tufted Puffins. They are birds that eat fish and dive into water to get them. They live on islands in Hokkaido that are people-less.



Everyone was very creative with their drawings. The students enjoyed learning about these special animals and creating a poster with their classmates. It was a great lesson to expand our knowledge and learn how to work as a team!


Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda,

Jazmen Tourangeau