Red, White, and Blue Friday!

We have entered the month of July and many celebrations happen this month in many places all over the globe. One of these celebrations takes place on July 4th, the date marking when the United States of America declared their independence from England.

Over the day, they got to learn some fun facts about America, like the year 1776, when they signed their Declaration of Independence. Some facts they already knew; like how the flag is colored red, white, and blue!

Once we spent time learning about America, we played a few games in the spirit of good sportsmanship. First, we had a shuttle relay where each student raced to new colors until they could collect the flag. Go Go Gotanda!

Next, we played capture the flag, where we raced from one side of the room to take the other team’s flag. They enjoyed some funny rules added to each round. Lastly, we set up rings where each student stood inside and had to shout out key American phrases important to the day in a loop for the fastest time. They did very well.

We hope you enjoy your weekend and that everyone learned a little more about our distant friends way overseas!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda