Monday Art Cardboard Towers

Today in our afternoon class k1,2 and 3 created some amazing towers!

The project is called Tower of Dreams. The idea is that students work individually to make pieces of a tower, similar to giant blocks, then assemble them to create a huge art class project.

Today student began work on each of the small pieces which will be assembled next week. In order to make them appear more like pieces of a building students added things like windows, balconies and spires.

All of the art projects are created so that students will feel pride in their work. This week we also want the children to feel pride in the work of their classmates. We hope that they will be excited to show their art to parents who come to pick up and maybe even be happy that their class made something so big and amazing.

We are really looking forward to putting it all together next week!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda

Alex Jack