Growing Up!

This week for Fun Fun Friday we did something a little different at PAP Gotanda.

Unfortunately our schedules plans were thrown off by the rain. Originally we were going to Rinshi no Mori park to do a scavenger hunt.

Today we had a look at our work from the very first week of the year in April. We made a growth diary. Today we updated it.

It was quite amazing to see the progress of our students through the year. K1 students have moved from not being able to hold a pencil to some amazing writing. They have also grown so much physically. Students are much taller, their hands and feet have grown and they can even read some of the questions without help now!

In k2 and k3 students have developed as well. Their handwriting has improved and it was so interesting to see how much taller they are.

Your children are all growing and we see it every day. It has been so exciting to teach them for the first half of the year and we are looking forward to the second half.

We look forward to seeing all the parents soon in observation time and parent teacher interviews!

Thank you for reading the blog today.

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda