Speech Practice

At PaP Gotanda the speaking ability of our students is very important to us. Almost every day we pull students aside after they have finished lunch and give them an opportunity to practice speaking with a partner or the teacher.

Students are usually provided with a discussion topic. This could be animals or jobs or even places in the city. They are them prompted by the teacher.

The teacher will give them a phrase like “I think builders have a good job because they can make amazing things.” This will give the students an opportunity to talk about different jibs they might like.

After that teachers don’t direct the conversation much. They let the student speaking freely while correcting grammar or offering better word choices. This lets students explore what they want to talk about. It also allows them to have fun while using English.

Today Ryoka and Haruto had their turn for some speaking practice.

At first we focus on the page, they looked at different jobs and discussed what they did. We then moved on to jobs they might like to have in the future.

We discussed jobs like helicopter pilot or dentist and how fun or helpful they might be.

Finally after that the discussion turned silly.

We started discussing zombies and what kind of job they might have.

The entire time teachers correct grammar and  motivate the students to join the conversation.

It’s a fun, educational way to practice our speaking.

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda

Alex Jack