Spinning Christmas Tree Ornaments

On Monday December 19th students at PAP Gotanda worked on a fantastic decoration to take home to their families. This week’s art activity was something that the students have been looking forward to making since last week.

Students created a decoration that could be shared with their family and friends using just some yarn, cones and colored shiny stickers.



The first thing students did, after writing their name inside, was attach some green pipe cleaners to the top of their cones. They then twisted it down and around the outside to represent the tinsel normally found on a Christmas tree.








Next students decorated their ornaments with sparky stickers. These were supposed to look like baubles and make the tree look very pretty. The shiny little decorations really bring the tree to life!



The final part of the craft was joining the two cones together to form the Christmas tree shape. A benefit of using yarn to do this is that it lets the tree move and spin. That’s why it’s called a spinning Christmas tree!



The students really had a great time working on their decorations last night. It gave them a short break from their Christmas concert practice and also the opportunity to make something pretty.



Well done to all the students that made their craft. We hope you enjoy having them at home as much as we enjoyed making them together.


Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda