Christmas Around the World

Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated around the world in many different countries. The celebrations have similarities and differences depending the country that it is being celebrated in.



In America Christmas is celebrated at home with family. The weather is cold so activities are usually inside and done in smaller groups. People eat lots of warm food like roasted meat, puddings, pies and vegetables. It’s also very traditional to give gifts to friends and family.



In Australia the theme of Christmas is the same but the weather is very different. In Australia December is the middle of summer. This means that Christmas is a hot weather holiday. Common Christmas foods are things like out door barbecue, salads and cool foods. For desert people eat food like pavlova or lamingtons.



In Japan Christmas is celebrated more as a couples or date night rather than something family oriented. People still give gifts but the act of spending time with family is more likely to take place on New Years Eve than Christmas.

At school we have discussed the differences with the students. We hope that with the skills in English they have acquired at our school they will be able to experience all of these celebrations for themselves in the future!

Merry Christmas everyone.


Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda