A Delightful Art Day

As the second semester comes to a close, the students were very happy to see all of the art that they worked on since October get placed all around the classrooms!

The K3 students, soon to graduate in just a week, were really proud of the work that they put in with their art that they may soon take home with them.

During the day, we had a little practice with each student taking some time to talk about one work of art that they made and explain to the rest of the class why they enjoyed working in that project.

Everyone was very happy with the display and some wanted to get a photo in front of the wall of artwork, too!

They were all excited when their parents came in and got the chance to share with them everything that they made, even if they were a little shy!

Fantastic effort by all the children over the last six months! We hope to see you again for our next art show! Until then, enjoy your weekend!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda