Duffy Birthday Party

Every month we use one of our Fun Fun Fridays to celebrate our monthly birthdays. Students who had a birthday during the month get a small present and everyone gets to play some games and have some delicious snacks.



This month we celebrated with a Disney Duffy theme.



Students were encouraged to bring their own Duffy goods from home and we played several Duffy theme games during the morning.



We played a friend finding game where students were given a card with a sentence on it. It would say something like “I like singing”. Students would then need to find their partner with the machining card. They would say something like “I like singing too.” It was a great game that all the students enjoyed.



In the afternoon we got to make popcorn! We used a special popcorn machine in the classroom and the students were able to see and hear the popping. It was so much fun and everyone loved the noises.



We then played a game called “Put the nose on Duffy”. Overall everyone had a great day and enjoyed their special birthday food.



A very happy Birthday to this month’s birthday kid- Fumika.


Have a great weekend.

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda