Go Go Gotanda at Palooza 2023

The day has finally come! After countless weeks of practice and hard work, Palooza 2023 is here! All our students arrived in good spirits and were ready to stand proud for their school.

We kicked off Palooza with a march around the gym with the kids keeping their heads high and waving their flags with pride. We had plenty of events for the children and even the parents to participate in. Everyone enjoyed warming up together, getting all loose and ready for the festivities.

We did some dancing and cheering with our fellow PAP schools, which got us very pumped for the friendly competition to come. All of the PAP students had a blast facing off with each other in a game of tug of war.

Everybody did their best and tried as hard as they could to have as much fun and enjoyment as possible. When they had a chance to shine in their own individual event like our obstacle course, they were just happy to be there with their friends and family.


Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda