A Trip to the Fire Museum

Today was a much-awaited day for the students at Prime Academic Preschool…

…we visited the Fire Museum!

“Are we there yet?”

Everyone was so excited as we rode the School Bus there.

We browsed the exhibits which explained how the fire service in Japan changed from the past to the present.




It was so interesting to learn about the long history of firefighting in Japan and the students asked good questions as we examined each section.



“How old are the fire engines?” one student asked when we reached the area that exhibited real fire engines that were used in the past. They were so surprised to hear that some were almost 100 years old!

We learned about how fires can be started in natural disasters and how the fire fighters help protect us.



“They are so brave!”



There were so many other things to see and do at the Fire Museum.

We sat inside the helicopter…



…and even had a go at fighting a fire.



We even tried on some uniforms.



We learned a lot about fire fighting today.

Thank you fire fighters!

Prime Academic Preschool Gotanda